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*FREE* Nano download pdf, epub

*FREE* Nano download pdf, epub

Robin Cook,: Nano



A lavishly funded, security-conscious nanotechnology institute in the foothills of the Rockies, Nano is ahead of the curve in the competitive world of molecular manufacturing, including the construction of microbivores, tiny nanorobots with the ability to gobble up viruses and bacteria. But when Pia Grazdani takes a job there, she s shocked by the secretive corporate culture. She s warned by her boss not to investigate the other work being done at the gigantic facility, nor to ask questions about the source of the seemingly endless capital that funds the institute s research. And when Pia encounters a fellow employee on a corporate jogging path suffering the effects of a seizure, she soon realizes she may have literally stumbled upon Nano s human guinea pigs. Is the tech giant on the cusp of one of the biggest medical discoveries of the twenty-first century a treatment option for millions or have they already sold out to the highest bidder?"

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Author: Robin Cook,
Number of Pages: 530 pages
Published Date: 02 Jul 2013
Publisher: Berkley Books
Publication Country: New York, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9780425261347
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